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How's it going ?


 To help you, I have done this little questionnaire below and give me as many details as possible about the creation you want (you can contact me for help)


 As soon as possible, I will answer you to tell you if it is possible. I give you its price and its manufacturing time. I am sending you a link with the details of your order that only you can see on the site.

You can also put other creations from the site in your basket and thus take advantage of reduced shipping costs if you wish (free shipping from € 80 for purchases in France).


 Once the personalized order has been paid, I get to work. You will be informed of the manufacturing steps, its shipment and its tracking number to track its delivery to you.

Please note that personalized orders cannot be returned or exchanged.

    Let's go !    

Now, it is your turn :


 What creation do you want?

Necklace, earrings, fairy wings, butterfly, flask ...


 Do you have a sketch, a photo of one of my creations or the name of one of my creations as a reference? or the garment with which you want the creation to follow? or for your wedding?


 Tell me what you want in: colors, stones, size (imposing, normal, discreet), metal color (steel (silver), gold, bronze).


 To be able to keep you informed, I need:

From your first name, last name,

postal address (for sending the package)

mail or phone (to send you photos and correspond for your order)

If you need help, or there are questions you can't answer, I can help you with suggestions.


    Send me your answers    

either by email:

either via my MELLEDENEVERS page




Thank you for your order.