Journey to the heart of the Workshop

And for the record ...


Once upon a time there was a little fairy sitting on a tree trunk covered in clouds of moss, reveling in the scents and landscapes offered by the forest. This little fairy with curly red hair was adorned with jewels she had created with her hands from stones from distant lands. She looked at this nature, smelled the pine scents and listened to the birds frolic. She let nature come into harmony with her. She loved her people, the fairies, and all the creatures that lived there in the shadow of men. Men did not know the beauty and the riches of his world. Suddenly she ran, then flew off her iridescent wings to enter a tree cavity. It was the entrance to his house. At the top, where she could see the whole forest, she decided to set up her workshop there. She wanted through her creations, to introduce her world to men: a fantasy world, of dreams, of magic, of nature ... she had plenty of ideas in mind! It was so long to bring out this passion that was dormant in her and she decided to throw herself headlong into this art which would allow her to flourish and her too to dream more. She imagined lots of models… she even dreamed of them at night.


What to start with ? Install an oak table here, oh! and of course drawers ... lots of drawers and also boxes.


She wanted to create fairy wings… but not only. She loved butterflies, dragonflies, bats and also dragons (even though they lived a thousand miles from here!). But the wings are fragile, she told herself. You have to design wings that won't break. After research and sleepless nights, she finally succeeds!


Its wings would be made of flexible or rigid resins depending on the desired result. She kept looking at her little iridescent wings in order to create her jewelry as close to reality. It was also necessary to draw ribs on the wings to give relief effects. The resin was perfect for this! But not just any.


To transcribe on her wings all the palettes and nuances of colors that nature offered, she needed paints, iridescent paints, pearly white, matt white ...


She who loved stones, fruit of the earth so much, decided to bring in doves from different countries so that they could bring her the most beautiful stones. The little fairy took her time choosing them and knew what she wanted.


It was necessary for him to find quality fasteners: chains, fasteners for the earrings in particular. She knew who to call on for this! The Dwarves of course! She asked them for their best steel. The princesses and queens who would wear his creations were not to be bothered by allergies and oxidations.


The little fairy was very careful to do her job well. She did everything she could to offer quality work to future creatures who would wear her jewelry.


She also spent a lot of her time sketching every bit of the wings of the butterflies and other winged creatures she came across who were kind enough to pose for her. But she also took advantage of her models to transcribe on her works the movements of the wings that were unfurled.


But that was not all. She was fascinated by the vegetation that surrounded her. She decided to take up sculpture. Shape branches, flowers by decorating them with stones, and then why not raspberries and blackberries that she ate before she even finished carving them. What a gourmet! She installed a special oven in her workshop. Just for these sculpted creations.


Sometimes her flower patterns faded and she was still inspired by them for her jewelry. It was sad that these lovely things were fleeting. If only… yes, of course! Why hadn't she thought about it before? Make ephemeral plants eternal !? His idea had emerged. She began a process of drying flowers, seeds, leaves and then mixed them with resin. And there you have it, the trick was played!


One day a Nymph came to her. She had heard of his work and wanted to discover his creations. Enchanted and conquered, the Nymph ordered from her an adornment with Fairy wings adorned with peridots.


The little fairy worked several days to create this set. When she had finished her work, she summoned the Weaver Fairies and asked them for starry tulle and organza ribbons. She delicately wrapped the set in the shiny tulle with a note for the Nymph then placed it at the bottom of a small box where she attached a green leaf to it. She used the fairy ribbon to close the box. To make sure her work wouldn't be damaged, she packed the box again. There it was.


She handed the package to her friend the dove who was about to begin the journey to the Nymph to bring her her order.


The dove took flight. And it was from that moment that the adventure began for the little fairy.