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Materials :

My chains and earrings are made of surgical steel.

This alloy is stainless and hypoallergenic.

You don't have to do any maintenance treatment.

Surgical steel does not deteriorate, oxidize, or blacken. It remains as is.


Stones :

My jewelry is adorned with stones:

Gems, Stones from all over the world.

These stones are chosen with care and travel to my workshop to embellish my creations.



Resins :

I use different resins to create this wide choice of wings:

A resin for the veins of the wings which give them relief,

A flexible resin or a rigid resin.

My resins are guaranteed non-toxic and acid-free.



Paints :

In order to offer you all these color palettes and nuances, I will paint the wings with glitter, iridescent, pearly or mat effects.



Polymer Clay :

To create jewelry branches, flowers, raspberries, blackberries ...

I am going to sculpt a very specific paste guaranteed to be non-toxic.

This dough is then passed in an oven.

After firing, the jewel will return to the workshop to be reworked to achieve its final result.